Corey Kaplan
Production Design



I have worked as an artist in the fields of photography, sculpture, illustration, film, installation art and dance. The Art of Production Design for Film and Television is the profession I have chose to devote myself for the past 25 years. It is a profession that engages elements from  my creative skills. 

Recently, I have reengaged with my work in photography I have been putting together my  series: 'BEST N'SHOW', A 25 Year Cultural Study, shot entirely with plastic cameras , capturing the politics, fad, and fashion of each year's Halloween celebration.

On a personal level, I hope to show art again and explore new mediums of expression.  I will continue my search for interesting projects in television and film that will further challenge my skills as a designer, and learning computer programs for 3D design.

Presently, I am working on 'Scandal' for ABC, raising a family, and riding my horses.



Corey Kaplan Resume 2017.jpg